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This simple but urgently needed item is so common in America we might be tempted to underestimate its value and importance to the poor. Shoes do more than provide comfort. They often are a key to protecting a child from injury, infection and contamination. In many poor communities, scavenging is a way of life and children will play a part, combing through dangerous dumps and fields for discards. In spite of these risks, the poor consider shoes a luxury - food and medicines are usually the priority. For that reason, it is common for young siblings to take turns wearing the same pair of shoes. The day they get their turn to wear the shoes is also the day they get their turn to go to school. For these children, a lack of shoes means the lack of access to education. A lack of shoes also increases the risk of cuts and scrapes which can lead to deadly infections. A gift of $5 can send a pair of shoes to a child in need. Preserve the health, education and dignity of a child or adult with a basic pair of new shoes.

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