Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.


According a recent study by the World Bank, for the first time in history, less than 10 percent of the world is living in extreme poverty. Unfortunately, this is based on the premise that earning just $2 a day is NOT considered extreme poverty. Click here for the whole story.

How Cross International is Eliminating Material and Spiritual Poverty

Cross International is partnering with churches, pastors and missionaries around the world to alleviate poverty and proclaim the truth of the Gospel. We believe that ministering to the poor is more than providing meals, building houses, and drilling clean water wells — it’s introducing people to the hope of Jesus Christ and his power to transform their hurting hearts.

As the world makes progress toward eradicating poverty, Cross International will continue to make a difference and share Jesus’ love with the hopeless through our dedicated ministry partners. By joining together as brothers and sisters in Christ, we can make a positive difference in the lives of the poorest of the poor!

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