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Seeds for Gardens


Seeds for Gardens

Around the world, 2.5 billion people depend on agriculture as their main food source, and among the poor, household gardens can be a life-saving guard against malnutrition. God gave us the nutrients we need in fruits and vegetables, but many poor families lack the funds to start their own gardens. We want to change that.

Now you have a chance to make a difference in the lives of these families. For just $10 you can provide an entire vegetable garden for a poor family. Your $10 donation will ship 20 seed packets to a poor family in one of the developing countries Cross serves such as the Philippines and Haiti . With this gift and support from our Christian mission partners overseas, needy individuals can learn how to grow and maintain a healthy, family garden.

Imagine being able to make such a big impact with something so small. Your $10 donation can give a family the seeds to reap a harvest for their families to thrive physically.  And because our mission partners also share Christ’s Gospel in these communities, you’ll be sowing seeds of hope in the very place it is needed most.

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