All Things Work Together for Good

Fifteen-year-old Yomery had a leg deformity that affected her ability to walk and drew the ridicule of other youths. She was fortunate to be admitted by the Christian orthopedic hospital we support in the Dominican Republic. This hospital surgically rectifies debilitating conditions that people in developing countries may endure their whole lives. What’s more, the hospital staff is just as dedicated to healing the spirit as it is the body.

A teen came to get her legs corrected and she got much, much more.
A teen came to get her legs corrected and she got much, much more.

In this case, Yomery’s family needed healing. She and her mother had a lot of bitterness and hostility between them, and the tension in the recovery room was tangible.

During Yomery’s stay, her mom attended a Bible study held by the hospital’s Spiritual Director. The Gospel message pierced her soul, and Yomery’s mom accepted Jesus Christ right there. The moment Jesus washed away her sins he also healed her family wounds. By the time her mom and dad checked Yomery out of the hospital, their family dynamics had completely transformed

Yomerys dad is amazed by the change between his wife and daughter. He’s convinced Yomery’s condition was God ordained in order to bring about their family’s healing. It’s a living example of Romans 8:28. Today Yomery walks, her mother knows Christ, and her entire family enjoys healthy bonds of love.

-Nola B.


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