Diofila’s Vision

New homes built by Cross and Hope of Life in Los Limones, Guatemala. Victor Caranza family.


As a writer with Cross International, I’ve been blessed to travel to developing countries to meet our beneficiaries. These men and women of incredible faith graciously open their homes and hearts to me, sharing their stories of how God has worked through donor support to transform their lives, and I’m humbled by what they have to say.

It makes me check my own faith. Do I trust God to deliver me from my own trials?

I drew particular strength and courage from the story of Diofila Vasquez and her husband Victor, who I met on a recent trip to southern Guatemala. Victor is a construction worker with Hope of Life, a Cross-supported ministry. He quickly worked his way up from a tool guard to a builder, helping the ministry transform the villages in Zacapa with new schools, clinics and wells. All the while, his family was lived in a feeble shanty that threated to collapse every time it rained.

Diofila and Victor saw how God had provided for others; surely He would help them, too. They began to pray for a place of their own, however, they didn’t think they’d have to wait for almost six years for an answer. Last year, after moving to a dangerous shanty in a ravine, desperation set in. Instead of getting angry with God, however, the couple began to wake up every day at 3 a.m. to cry out to God for a house. Early one morning, God gave Diofila a powerful vision:

I saw that an old man descended from the sky on a ladder. Another man appeared and said to

me, “You have to ask the old man for the house. Go, and ask him for the house.” So I went

walking toward the old man, the one who was descending on the ladder. I got close to him but he

said, “Don’t say anything. I already know why you’ve come. You’ve come to ask me for a house.”

“Yes,” I told him, “this is true.” He said, “Don’t worry, my daughter, your house is done, it’s


The old man was carrying suitcases in his hands and he said, “Look, I’ve come to bring the

money for your house.”


When I saw that I was so happy because it was a confirmation of my request. When I got up

from praying, I told my husband. We were so happy. So we knelt down to pray again and give

thanks to God for what he’d revealed to us.

Eight days later, a Hope of Life housing project manager showed up at their house with a truck full of construction materials. Now, when Diofila and Victor wake to pray at 3 a.m., it’s from the safety of their new home.

Diofila says that while they waited, they never questioned God’s character. Instead, they praised Him, clinging to David’s words from Psalm 96: 1-2: “Sing to the Lord a new song;sing to the Lord, all the earth.Sing to the Lord, praise his name;proclaim his salvation day after day.”

Fayola S.



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