Fishing for Charity!

There must be something special about fishing. Jesus’ first disciples were fishermen, the oldest Christian symbol is a fish, and now some enthusiastic supporters of Cross International are using their favorite hobby (you guessed it – fishing!) to raise awareness of our work for the poor.

Buy a Sick Fishing t-shirt and Cross will get half of the proceeds
Buy a Sick Fishing t-shirt and Cross will get half of the proceeds

11-year-old Blaise Coghlan and his brother Ryan are two young entrepreneurs who love to fish and also love to give to the needy. The boys have a fun website called Sick Fishing where they write about their many fishing adventures and sell t-shirts and lures. Now they’re using the site for a good cause, by promoting Cross and donating half of the proceeds from t-shirt sales to our projects.

Here’s a snippet from their blog:

Cross International helps the poorest of the poor from all over the world and they do it in some really neat ways.  They don’t just take your money… they get it to the exact right places to create long term good things.  I gave $25 of my own money to help, and I’m hoping I can give more through this tee shirt idea and also my Amazon Sickfishing Store too.

Thanks, Blaise and Ryan! We can’t wait to hear how many t-shirts you sell. Your interest in serving the poor is an encouragement to all of us here at Cross.


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