From cancer to cure

Doctors at the government hospital told José Carlos, a 17-year-old from San Pedro Sula, Honduras, that he would lose his leg. The cancerous tumor slowly overtaking it was inoperable, and they’d have to amputate his left leg to save his life.

José Carlos, 17, was told by doctors at the government hospital that they'd have to amputate his leg because of a cancerous tumor growing on it. He got a second opinion at a Christian hospital we support. They were able to remove the tumor and save his leg.
José Carlos, 17, nearly lost his leg because of a cancerous tumor. But a surgery he received at a Christian hospital we support in Honduras saved his leg and life.

This was the latest in a succession of difficult news José had received over the last few years. First he was abandoned by his father and separated from his mother, who lives in the U.S. Then came the cancer diagnosis. And now, he’d lose his leg and have to begin a course of chemotherapy.

José thought of how his life would dramatically change. Without a leg, he’d have trouble finding a steady job. How would he be able to support himself, or a family one day? He wouldn’t be able to play soccer, his favorite sport, or run around with his friends. How could he live a normal live without his leg?

Fortunately, José never had the answer to those questions. His young cousin told him about CURE, a Christian hospital that specializes in orthopedic surgical cases like his, and encourage him to go.

The doctors at the Christian hospital told José they could save his leg and that God would use them to heal him. The hospital’s spiritual staff prayed with him before his surgery. Then Dr. Ned Schwenkter, one of the talent surgeons at the hospital, removed José tumor — which, it turned out, wasn’t even cancerous — and filled in his leg with an implant.

José is up and in physical therapy, the hospital staff reports. His recovering well, and they anticipate he’ll be back on the soccer field soon!

CURE hospital in Honduras is one of several Christian hospitals we support around the world in countries such as Afghanistan and the Dominican Republic. Click here to find out how you can extend the love of Christ to the poor by funding a life-saving surgery like José’s with a gift of just $1,100.


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