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A missionary’s worst nightmare – URGENT NEED!


Thanks to your generosity, Cross International was able to help Gladys overcome the crisis she faced at her hospital for the poor. Although we did not reach the goal to fully fund the replacement generator she desperately needed, our contribution allowed her to place a down payment on the equipment and move forward with its installation. As a result, the hospital has reliable power again!

We can’t thank contributors enough for the blessing this is to her ministry. God bless you!

Help Supply Power to Save this Hospital for the Poor!

Failed Hospital Generator needs Replacement
Christian missionary and registered nurse Gladys Thomas moved from the U.S. to Haiti in order to help the poorest of the poor in Jesus Christ’s name, and her years of sacrifice have had an astounding impact.

Gladys has set up Christian schools, opened a center to care for severely handicapped children, supplied food to the hungry and created one of the few quality medical outreaches the poor have at times of desperate need. She has won many souls for Christ and has served as a beacon of hope in her Haitian community.

This week she contacted us about an unexpected and devastating emergency. Her worst nightmare had come true – the big generator supplying steady, reliable power to her hospital has failed utterly and completely.

Gladys was in tears, and we understood why. Her hospital deals the most life-threatening medical problems of the very poorest people, including the area’s neediest children. When parents bring these little ones to her door, her medical staff must act quickly. It can be a matter of life and death.

Click here to read her written request for help.

Cross International needs your help to respond to this emergency as soon as possible. Through this Internet campaign we want to supply Gladys with the $32,000 she needs to replace the generator. Please give generously and share this urgent need with others in your church or community. By collecting these gifts, large and small, we want to demonstrate the power of combined Christian charity and lift up one of Haiti’s most dedicated Christian missionaries.

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