4 out of 5 Ugandan girls do not attend high school. Project Princess makes learning possible.

In connection with our partner Empowering Young Women, Cross International is fighting to restore hope for Uganda’s at-risk girls by supporting a local Christian outreach called the Project Princess Initiative.

A light in the darkness

When she was 16, Natukunda had to drop out of school because her mother could not afford to pay tuition and feed eight children. Instead of learning in class, Natukunda was raising her seven siblings and helping her mother sell dried fish.

This is Natukunda’s before Project Princess story. What comes after is a story of hope, courage and victory through the power of God’s love. Project Princess is a light in an otherwise dark future for young women in Uganda.

Natukunda similing

40 percent of girls in Uganda are married before they turn 18.

Education is the pathway to a better future.

Project Princess Initiative’s vision is to support, educate and empower girls to become responsible leaders of the next generation. More than 700,000 girls in Uganda between the ages of six to 12 have never attended school, and of those that do, 35 percent of girls drop out due to marriage and 23 percent drop out due to pregnancy. Girls are less likely to attend school during their menstrual cycle because they lack supplies and understanding. Many young girls are expected to work and care for siblings, and turn to drug abuse or prostitution. Often, they are victims of disease, HIV/AIDS, physical violence and rape.

Education can change everything.

Hope in the after

Natukunda is back in high school, happy and safe with many new friends. She attends counseling to work through anxiety from so much responsibility at a young age. Natukunda dreams of becoming a journalist.

Educated women are more likely to invest back into their families

By supporting Project Princess, you are empowering young women to empower their communities in Uganda. Secondary education significantly reduces the chances of early marriage and childbearing. With your ongoing support almost 1,000 girls will have access to a safe space to get the tools, resources and encouragement they need to pursue a path to a bright future.

Ongoing programs include:

  • Tutors and counselors through school outreach programs
  • Vocational training: agriculture, domestic and retail
  • Testing and treatment for HIV/AIDS and other conditions
  • Peer-to-peer conflict resolution, decision-making and leadership training
  • Reproductive and menstrual health management
  • Sharing of God’s word and messages of faith

Project Princess is built on the principle that true, lasting moral and behavioral change cannot happen without the Gospel. Please consider monthly support for Thriving Kids-Education, and help give hope to Ugandan girls like Natukunda.

4 of 5 Ugandan girls do not attend high school

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