Help Ukraine

In the midst of this unfolding humanitarian crisis, Cross International is working with partners who have more than 30 years of experience in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. In this emergency response phase, Cross is providing Family Survival Packs filled with food, hygiene kits, sleeping mats, and other essential supplies to Ukrainian refugees fleeing into Moldova and Romania, as well as Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) that had to stay behind in Ukraine. In addition, Cross is working with these partners and churches to help provide temporary shelter and psycho-social support to victims of this conflict.

Ukrainian mother and child fleeing Ukraine

After weeks of prolonged violence and destruction, the humanitarian crisis continues to deepen in Ukraine. Millions of women, children, and the elderly and disabled have been forced to leave their homes and embark on desperate journeys to find safety. Many leave behind husbands and fathers as the men stay to fight. The people of Ukraine need our help right now.

Your donation allows Cross International to deliver emergency help to people affected by humanitarian crises and will be used where needed most. Your donation, along with gifts from other partners, is vital to our work, including food, safe water, shelter, and crisis care for vulnerable children and families around the world. 

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