Investing in Precious Lives

I love meeting the children who have been blessed by Cross International and our ministry partners. Even though they come from hard situations, most of these kids have a zest for life that can’t be denied.

I met a girl with this electric personality at a Divine Shelter School (DSS) in the village of Rigaud in Haiti. Her name is Beancka. Though only 12-years-old, she inspired me with her strength, optimism and trust in the Lord.

Beancka’s parents work hard, but like many Haitian families, they don’t always have enough money to feed Beancka and her three siblings breakfast each morning. It’s Beancka’s responsibility to get her siblings ready for school. As they take the hour-long walk to get to class, their stomachs often growl along the way.

Even though they aren’t always able to eat at home, Beancka and her siblings can be confident they will get a healthy, satisfying meal at school. In partnership with Cross International, Divine Shelter Schools feed their students Vitafood, a fortified rice product specifically designed to reverse the effects of malnutrition in young children.

“It tastes good,” she told me. “It gives me energy!”

With a full stomach, Beancka has the fuel she needs to succeed in school. Her favorite subject is math, and she wants to be a mathematician when she grows up. Most important, Beancka is learning about the love of Jesus from her teachers. It touched my heart to hear Beancka’s favorite verse, found in Romans 8:31: “What, then, shall we say in response to these things? If God is for us, who can be against us?”

Wow! Beancka doesn’t have ideal circumstances, but she’s learned how to give her worries to the Lord. At school, she’s learning to hide the truth of God’s Word in her heart, and understands that He has good plans in store for her.

Praise the Lord for ministries like DSS that are investing in the bodies, minds and hearts of sweet kids like Beancka!


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