Nicaraguan Nonprofits Pay Heavy Price Due to Civil Unrest

Civil unrest has persisted in Nicaragua since April 2018, when the government made significant cuts to social security benefits. As a result of the violence, many businesses have suffered, and financial losses are not restricted to the for-profit sector. Nonprofit organizations have been particularly hard-hit as donors and volunteer teams have been forced to cancel mission trips. click here for the story.

How Cross International is making an impact

Throughout this difficult time, Cross International has stood in solidarity with partners in Nicaragua, such as Rainbow Network and Amigos for Christ. These faithful servants of God need our generosity now more than ever as they continue to care for the poor in an increasingly challenging financial climate. Their efforts to provide food, water, housing, education and eternal hope have not stopped — and neither will our efforts to empower their life-changing ministries.


Pemphero smiling and learning

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5 Prayerful New Year’s Resolutions

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