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PR - 01.31.11

Robyn Lees, Communications Director

VOiParty Telecommunications Company partners with Cross International to continue reaching the “Poorest of the Poor”

POMPANO BEACH, FL (Jan. 31, 2011) — National telecommunications business VOiParty, based in Naples Florida, has recently partnered with Cross International (Cross), the Christian relief and development organization, to offer aid and relief to developing countries and hurting people around the world.

With the severe economic downturn that Americans are currently facing, it can be easy to forget homeless children in Haiti sleeping in alleyways, or single mothers in Ethiopia struggling to feed their children. But VOiParty believes these people are worth caring for, no matter the economic climate. This strong conviction drove them to partner with Cross.

“We (VOiParty) wanted to do our part and we were looking for the right charity, and Cross was the one we felt most comfortable with. I like what Cross is doing in helping the poor and the destitute.” said Ciro Martinez, CEO of VOiParty.

Through this partnership VOiParty is actively helping raise funds for Cross’ many international outreach programs that give aid to formerly unreached areas of the world, by donating a percentage for each new client they sign monthly.

The money that VOiParty has given and pledged to Cross is already working to feed the hungry and care for the sick in more than two dozen developing countries.

“They are partnering with us to reach the poorest of the poor.” said William E. Fenton, Cross’ Director of Gift Planning.

A young and growing company, VOiParty works on the wholesale side of the telecommunications industry, offering clients home-based business opportunities. And they have made giving back to the community one of their main priorities.

In addition to their monthly support, VOiParty’s website has a direct link to the Cross website, where their clients can read about the work Cross is doing and donate personally.

After searching carefully for the right organization to partner with, VOiParty felt that with its international focus and commitment to helping raise the poorest peoples of the world up out of poverty, Cross was a perfect fit.

“This is our way of giving back to the community, and with Cross we feel safe and secure.” Martinez said.

Cross International is an interdenominational Christian relief and development organization working in more than two dozen developing countries. In addition to providing material aid such as food, clothing, shelter and medicines, Cross supports ongoing programs that help the poor lift themselves out of poverty and thus break its vicious cycle. By working together with local pastors, missionaries, and churches around the world, we ensure that the aid reaches those who need it the most. For more information, visit or call 954-657-9000.

To learn more about Cross International, visit


Cross International

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Cross International is a 501(c)(3)

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