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casa bernabe
Casa Bernabe

Fun times at Camp Hope in Ecuador! Many of the children living at Camp Hope would be suffering in isolation – hidden away in their homes by ashamed parents who can’t afford the demands of their care, or simply abandoned to the streets – if not for this Christian shelter for physically and mentally handicapped children. Maria, pictured here on the slide, was found wandering in a park, abandoned by her family because of her cognitive disability. But now, praise God, she has a reason to celebrate, and she knows she is loved.

– Tony M.


Pemphero smiling and learning

A boy born with a bowed leg​

Growing up in a rural village in Malawi with a disability was not easy. While the other children ran and played, helped their families with chores, and went to school, Pemphero became an outcast and suffered tremendous loneliness.

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Girl wearing mask praying

5 Prayerful New Year’s Resolutions

As a Christian who wants to start the New Year with the right foot, you may have made prayer one of your new year’s resolutions. But how to include prayer in our day to day? Here are some ideas.

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