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On October 4th, Hurricane Matthew violently made its way through Haiti and resulted in the country's largest humanitarian crisis since the 2010 earthquake. The storm caused extensive flooding and mudslides, damage to buildings and road infrastructure, and water and electricity shortages. Cross International with its sister charity, Cross Catholic Outreach, has a network of over 50 partners across Haiti that had prepared before the storm made landfall. But damage and devastation was widespread despite preparation. The current humanitarian needs in Haiti are great, and include access to clean water, shelter, medicine, and food. Government and relief workers estimate that over $33.2 million is needed to meet the most urgent needs in Haiti.

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Additional Aid Still Needed

"There will continue to be a substantial amount of need in Haiti because of Hurricane Matthew. We ask that you join us in prayers and send continued financial support where possible. Please give below to our Disaster Relief fund so that we may continue to send aid to victims of natural disasters."

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Because of Cross International’s advanced network of ministries in Haiti, our teams and partners were able to assist with the preparation of securing homes and buildings, in addition to providing supplies of food and water to local residents before the storm made landfall. We knew supplies would be limited, so our teams made preparations to have shipments ready to go out as soon as possible once the storm had cleared. Since those initial shipments, Cross has delivered an additional 2 million meals to victims of Hurricane Matthew in Haiti. To date, we have delivered 4.5 million meals, and supplies to repair 117 homes, along with wood and nails to construct temporary classrooms for school children. All the kids (at our partners' schools) are now back in classrooms, thanks to the many benefactors who funded those efforts. Cross's most recent shipment of food, sent on January 25th, 2017, to be distributed in the hardest hit areas of Haiti.

Florida-based Cross International is working overtime, responding to the needs of hurricane-ravaged villagers throughout Haiti’s southern peninsula. Here, 156,000 meals and medical mission packs capable of treating 14,000 individuals are being unloaded from an aircraft awaiting ground transit.

Why Cross is Different

“We have a large group of churches and ministries we work through. We have a big footprint. There is a public perception in the U.S. that nothing works in Haiti. The thing is, we work with people who are very effective on the ground. I just came back from Haiti and it’s amazing what some of them are doing. We trust our partners and they make a big difference.” – David Adams, Cross Vice President for Missions

“I think the biggest difference between Cross and others is we’re there already. We’re not responding; we’re acting proactively. With our model of working with existing ministries, we already have access to those pillars of the community and we’re allowing those who are there, those who know, to guide us on this. This way, we can quickly make decisions on what the immediate need should be.” – Zach Oles, Cross International Projects Manager. Read more about Cross going to battle for our partners.

“If we weren’t already there, how many people would suffer as a result of us not being able to help?” – Tony Barbieri, Cross Deputy Director of Procurement


Disaster Relief efforts are no joking matter. Articulated plans and expert level rapid response is needed in order to prevent further loss of life. And an in-country network of partners is needed in order to help communities recover and rebuild quickly. We have many partners in Haiti which is why we can deliver the quickest and most effective response to this nation in need.  It is important to feel confident in the organization you are giving to. At Cross International, we hold ourselves to the highest standards. We are a part of elite group selected by Charity Navigator, as a reputable organization to give to when it comes to Disaster Relief efforts.



Our Promise to You – Proceeds will go directly to the most urgent projects of the need you have selected. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to fund a particular project in any given category, the excess fund will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.

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