The Spiritual Aspect of Aid Work

We recently received a heartwarming story of spiritual transformation from one of our Guatemalan ministry partners, Potter’s House. It served as just another reminder of why at Cross we make it a priority to minister to the poor’s spiritual needs, along with their physical ones.

Katerine accepted Jesus Christ through a ministry partner we support in Guatemala.
Katerine accepted Jesus Christ through a ministry partner we support in Guatemala.

Katerine Estefani Aguilar has been going to school at the Potter’s House for two years. She is a fourth-grader with a wonderful sense of humor. On March 24, the Lord was working on Katerine’s heart as she sat and listened to her teacher during weekly devotions. When her teacher asked if Katerine had received Jesus her heart, she said no and explained that she had no one to take her to church because her mother worked all day.

“You don’t need to be at church to accept Jesus into your heart; you can do it anywhere. The important thing is that you do it,” her teacher said. “Would you like to receive the Lord into your life?”

“Yes I do!” Katerine replied, almost yelling because of her excitement. The two then prayed together and asked Jesus to come into Katerine’s heart. After, the child excitedly exclaimed: “Christ now lives in my heart!”

Potter’s House ministers through education, health care, and microenterprise programs to some 10,500 people who make a living by scavenging the Guatemala City garbage dump. During its afterschool program that Cross International supports, the students receive tutoring, spiritual education, English and computer classes, art instruction, and have opportunities to play team sports. Want to learn more? Click Here.


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