To Know the Father’s Love

Through Cross International’s support of Rainbow Network, Gerardo Arteaga has helped bring food to malnourished children in rural Nicaragua
Through Cross International’s support of Rainbow Network, Gerardo Arteaga has helped bring food to malnourished children in rural Nicaragua

I just received this letter from Gerardo Arteaga, the Public Health Coordinator for Rainbow Network, a holistic, community outreach throughout Nicaragua. Cross International helps Rainbow Network build homes for the poor and provide nutritious meals to more than 1,200 children, as well as pregnant women and at-risk elderly, five or six days a week.

I want to share Gerardo’s inspiring words with you. They truly exemplify the commitment and heartfelt compassion shown by Rainbow Network’s staff members to those they so lovingly serve:
Hello. My name is Gerardo and I serve as the Public Health Coordinator for Rainbow Network. Since childhood, I had aspirations to help others — especially children. This desire led me to become a teacher. In this role, I enjoyed working with my students and their parents to help them work their way out of poverty by believing that God will help them. A strong faith in God is good for Christians and all of society.

I eventually heard about Rainbow Network and the work they were doing in the rural communities in my region. I was attracted by the Christian fervor this ministry brings to the people. I later joined Rainbow Network in hopes to reach even more children and families in these poor communities. I was overjoyed when I began here. Since my first day on staff, I saw the change this ministry makes in people — because we bring the love of Christ to each one of them.

This work has fulfilled my desire to speak of the love that I know — the love that God has for all of his children. I am constantly excited, as support like yours helps us bring food, clothing and education to these families, all alongside the message of God. I thank God every day that he uses all of us as a channel of blessing to bring opportunities to children in need. All recipients of our programs understand that the benefits they are receiving are because God loves them.

Thank you for joining me in valuable work. We are doing something through our faith, and because of that, many people will know the Father’s love!

-Annie W.


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