Delivering Food, Shelter, and Hope to the Poorest of the Poor.

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Through the Cross Christmas Catalog, you can give a gift that will make a lasting impact this holiday season. Here’s how it works; you select an item on the catalog and that item gets shipped to a poor family in need overseas. By choosing to give one of the items listed below, you can show the love and true meaning of Christmas to the poorest of the poor.

These items can also be given in honor of a friend or loved one in place of a traditional gift this Christmas! After your donation, you’ll be able to send a personalized e-card to a friend or loved one, letting them know you gave on their behalf! You’ll also have the chance to add your gift under the inner-active Cross Christmas Tree. Help us spread the love of Jesus this Christmas!

Urgent Necessities


Feed the Hungry :: $15

Send lifesaving food supplies of Rice, Soup, and Fortified Protein to starving children and families.
Donation Value:
$15 = Food for 30 Days
$45 = Food for 90 Days



Clean Water :: $80

Send aid to villages that are in desperate need of clean drinking water.
Donation Value:
$80 = Provides material for one well
$250 = Pays for one month of labor


Send a Pair of Shoes :: $5

Send a pair of shoes to the poor. The pair you send will likely be the first they've ever owned!
Donation Value:
$5 = 1 pair of new shoes


Provide Vitamins to the Malnourished :: $10

Help send nourishing vitamins to children to supplement proper growth and brain development.
Donation Value:
$10 = 5 Bottles of Vitamins


Rice and Soup Packets For the Poor:: $15

Provide poor families with rice and soup so that they can celebrate Christmas with food on the table.
Donation Value:
$15 = 15 cups of Rice + 15 Soup Packets
$30 = 30 cups of Rice + 30 Soup Packets


Mom & Baby

Food For Babies

Feed a Hungry Baby :: $15

Provide jars of baby food to hungry babies. This life saving gift goes to the tiniest victims of starvation!
Donation Value:
$15 = 100 Jars of Baby Food


Milk for babies

Give Milk to Starving Babies :: $10

Ship powdered milk that will be used to sustain a newborn baby’s life..
Donation Value:
$10 = 100 Bottles of Milk


Housing & Self-Sufficiency

Housing for the poor

Build Safe Housing :: $45

Become an integral part of building a new home for a poor family.
Donation Value:
$45 = Provides roofing for one new home
$165 = Pay for labor costs for one new home


Seeds for Gardens

Grow a Vegetable Garden :: $10

Send seeds for just .50 cents per packet and help a family become self-sufficient. A gift of $10 will provide seeds for an entire vegetable garden!
Donation Value:
$10 = Seed packets for one full vegetable garden




Share Christmas Joy with Children’s Toys :: $5

Celebrate the spirit of Christmas with a poor child by sending them a toy! It will likely be the only gift they’ve ever received.
Donation Value:
$5 = Sends toys to 20 poor children
$25 = Sends toys to 100 poor children



Orphans :: Any Amount

Donation Value:
Any Amount = Direct Aid to Orphans



Medial Kits

Send Medical Supply Kits :: $50

Send supplies to volunteer medical staff on the ground aiding the sick around the world.
Donation Value:
$50 = A kit that includes supplies to care for up to 50 patients


Malaria Kits

Malaria Treatment kit :: $33

Send immediate aid to treat those infected with malaria. Send medicine and save lives!
Donation Value:
$33 = 10 Malaria treatment kits



Greatest Need

Greatest Need :: any amount

Donation Value:
Any Amount = Immediate aid to the poorest of the poor


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