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He who is kind to the poor lends to the Lord, and he will reward him for what he has done. -Proverbs 19:17

Welcome to the 2015 Cross International Christmas Catalog! During Christmas celebrations with your friends and family this year, we invite you to share the joy of Christmas by giving a gift through this year’s catalog. Get started by selecting gifts below to send to the poor, or click here to learn more about our catalog. We thank you for your generous support and pray that God will bless you and your loved ones this holiday season.

Here's What To Do:

Free African Children's Choir CD

The African Children’s Choir has a special gift just for you! To receive your complimentary CD, be sure to also select at least one gift from our catalog to send to the poor and then click the button below.

Life Changing Items

Christmas Bicycle

Bicycles for New Life

Change a poor person’s life forever with the gift of a bicycle.

Donation Value:
$105 gives one bicycle

Christmas Soap

Soap for Disease Prevention

Send a family soap to help prevent the spread of parasites and deadly diseases.

Donation Value:
$6 can provide soap to one person for a year

Christmas Food

Feed the Hungry

Send lifesaving supplies of food to hungry children and their families.

Donation Value:
$35 can sustain one family for a month

Christmas Medicine

Send Medical Supplies

Send urgently needed medical supplies to the poor suffering from illness and injury.

Donation Value:
$65 can care for 50 people or more


Education & Evangelism

Christmas School Supplies

Teach a Child to Read

Give a poor child the supplies they need to go to school!
Donation Value:
$12 can give one child school supplies for one year

Christmas Backpacks

Bags for School

Give a poor child a backpack for school.

Donation Value:
$10 will help provide 20 children with backpacks

Christmas Sunday School

Sunday School Curriculums

Send Sunday school curriculums to financially struggling churches serving the poorest of the poor.

Donation Value:
$22 can send curriculums to one church

Christmas Bibles

Send a Bible

Put a Bible in the hands of someone eager to study God’s Word.

Donation Value:
$3 can send one bible


Children and Babies

Christmas Toys

Toys for Children

Bring Christmas joy to children in need. Send a toy today!
Donation Value:
$5 can send 10 needy children a toy for Christmas

Christmas Milk

Milk for Newborns

Help us deliver milk to orphans and babies in need.

Donation Value:
$10 can send milk to feed 100 babies

Christmas Baby Food

Feed a Hungry Baby

Send baby food and deliver salvation to hungry orphans and babies.

Donation Value:
$14 can send 100 jars of baby food

Christmas Orphans

Aid for Orphans

Send aid to orphaned and vulnerable children in desperate need of food, shelter, and care.

Donation Value:
Any Amount Helps


Greatest Needs

Christmas Need

Where Needed Most

This gift will provide relief to the most urgent needs of the poor.

Donation Value:
Any Amount Helps


Our Promise to You – Proceeds will go directly to ship the item or project you have selected. In the event that more funds are raised than needed to ship items or to fund a project you have given to, the excess funds will be used to meet the most urgent needs of the ministry.

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