Making a Real Impact

49 programs with 26 partners in 10 countries, and 50,000 children and families shown the love of Christ.

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Caring for those in greatest need

Cross International was built on three foundational pillars of service: orphans and vulnerable children, children with disabilities, and crisis care. Our Thriving Kids Initiative supports thoughtful, accountable projects that help children, families, and whole communities thrive. In every aspect of our work, we share the love of God and the hope of the Gospel.


Our nutrition programs address children’s immediate needs while also offering spiritual, academic, and emotional support.

Clean Water

Well projects, clean-water initiatives, and hygiene education help communities, families, and children stay healthy.

Orphans and
Child Care

Local ministry partners give orphaned children and those abandoned by their families love, care, and welcoming homes.

Medical Aid

Clinics and medical donations bring life-saving aid to children and families who have limited access to health care.


School support, scholarships, and other projects deliver education—and better futures—to children living in poverty.


Housing ministries provide safe shelter for children and their families through construction and improvement projects.

Emergency Relief

Flexible emergency funding gives God’s love and immediate aid to disaster victims.


Microenterprise ministries help emerging entrepreneurs and small business owners work toward self-sufficiency.

Global Impact 2020

Active in 10 Countries
38 Projects supported.
25 Ministry Partners empowered.
29,707 children and
11,092 adults served.
Active in 10 Countries
38 Projects supported.
25 Ministry Partners empowered.
29,707 children and 11,092 adults served.

More than Numbers

Behind the statistics are the stories: Generous Christians who give compassionately. Dedicated pastors and ministry leaders who serve faithfully. Vulnerable children who have new hope for their futures. You can read some of these stories on our blog, dig into our financial reports, and learn more about how we track our data and measure our impact. We keep our administration and fundraising costs low (3.89% of all Program Services), so we can do the most good possible with the resources our donors entrust to us.


Empower the poor as they transform their lives and their communities.

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