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Medical Care

We Comfort the Sick and Save Precious Lives

Most of us can’t imagine a world where basic medical care is out of reach — where a simple case of pneumonia, a deep cut, or a nutritional deficiency can be a death sentence. But for many vulnerable families in developing countries, these risks and challenges are a way of life. Antibiotics, bandages and non-prescription drugs are often rare, and many families lack the means to pay for medical treatment.


  • 4,105 malnourished infants

    and children were rescued and rehabilitated

  • 498,715 Packs of medical supplies

    and pharmaceuticals were transported

  • 12,039 Family members

    received COVID-19 support

Thankfully, this is not the fate of everyone. Wherever Cross International partners are at work overseas, there is hope and a concerted effort to bring about positive change. By working with hospitals, clinics and medical outreaches in developing countries, we can provide concerted care for those who might otherwise suffer.

Recently, this commitment has taken on a whole new meaning as COVID-19 has dealt a blow to global health and forced the medical community to adapt to evolving safety guidelines. Gifts from friends like you enable us to send personal protective equipment to our partners and to help them continue reaching vulnerable communities with lifesaving services ranging from health screenings to maternity care to major surgery.

Highlighted Food Project

Child Rescue Nutrition

Hope of Life - Guatemala

Deep in the mountains of Zacapa, a tragedy plays out unseen. Families in squalor. Children starving. Mothers burying babies. The good news is that many of those children have survived, and many other families have had their prayers answered, thanks to the intervention of our local partner, Hope of Life. The most dramatic work Hope of Life does is the rescue and rehabilitation of starving kids. They are given emergency medical treatment. Their suffering bodies are stabilized. Over time, the children are restored to complete health with special diets tailored to their needs. At the same time, the parents are educated on how to provide balanced diets for the children using the family resources. After a particular child is released, meals and formula can be sent to the family for a time to supplement their meager food supply.

Baby Rescue in Guatemala


  • Rescues

    4,105 Infants and children were rescued and rehabilitated

  • Children

    160 children were supported by the project

  • Nurses

    14 nanny/nurses were supported by the project

  • Funding

    $127,375 in funds were allocated to this project in 2020

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