Medical Aid Impact

We Healed the Sick and Mended Broken Hearts

In 2018, Cross International met the medical needs of the poor in nine countries. Our efforts focused on providing lifesaving medications and supplies typically unavailable to the very poor. By funding free health clinics and by shipping key medicines to the poor in remote regions, we are able to reduce infant mortality, prevent or treat life-threatening diseases, and respond to accidents and injuries before lives are lost. We believe God’s beautiful gift of life is a blessing worth cherishing and protecting.

For example, we shipped more than $78 million in medical supplies and medicines to five different countries. And in Afghanistan , our donors’ generous gifts supported a Christian-run hospital that provided quality medical care for poor mothers and newborns, including children requiring emergency attention in the country’s first neonatal intensive care unit.

2018 Medical Facts

provided to:
Adults and children
impacted by medical services:
Medical health
education provided to:
Medical supplies
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Highlighted Medical Project

Good Samaritan Hospital

Dominican Republic Goods-in-Kind Project
Good Samaritan Hospital in the Dominican Republic runs a mobile medical clinic outreach serving rural sugarcane bateyes (settlements) and provides poor families with treatments and medicines. Without this service, impoverished sugarcane workers wouldn’t be able to afford basic medicines or treatments. Cross International shipped Good Samaritan lifesaving medicines and medical supplies to help the ministry serve these poor families successfully!

Fast Facts


In 2018, Cross International made four shipments of medical supplies to Good Samaritan.


Shipments included 18,000 bottles of prenatal vitamins and 212 bottles of vitamin A supplements.


Cross also provided three X-ray machines, along with X-ray aprons and X-ray charts.


Other supplies shipped include a medical chest, crutches, oral syringe adapter, stainless steel drill bits, dental vacuum pump, oral X-ray sensor, slit lamp microscope and spare parts, telebinocular machine, two refrigeration compressors, 180 blood compression cuffs and 800 IV administration sets.
*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2018. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2018; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.
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