Water Impact

We Quenched Their Thirst and Shared Living Water

Cross International relieves chronic dehydration and fights waterborne illnesses by providing abundant, clean water sources in impoverished communities.

Water projects have many other benefits as well. The poor typically spend hours fetching dirty water from contaminated sources. Thanks to Cross projects, families we helped can now turn on a tap in their yard or walk to their neighborhood pump-operated well for clean, safe water. As a result, children have time to go to school, and mothers can focus on the other needs of their families.

In 2018, Cross International used gifts from donors to fund seven water projects in Vietnam, Haiti, Nicaragua and Zambia. Among these projects was an ongoing effort of the Evangelical Church of Vietnam to provide community wells in poor rural villages, and a ministry constructing community water systems in Nicaragua. Outreaches of this kind represent an important tool for evangelism in countries that prohibit pastors from preaching the Gospel openly in communities.

2018 Water Facts

provided to:
Community water
systems constructed:
People impacted
by clean water:
Water and sanitation
education provided to:

Highlighted Water Project

Rainbow Network Ciudad Dario

Nicaragua - Project 1447
In 2018, Cross International partnered with Rainbow Network to build a community water system in the village of San Augustin in Ciudad Dario. Previously these families had to walk long distances to collect water, occupying many hours of their days. But thanks to the new water system, water is delivered directly to each home in the village. What a transformation!

Fast Facts


Cross International funds constructed one community water system.


116 adults and 179 children in San Augustin are benefiting from the well.


The new water system has the capacity to provide about 80 gallons of crystal-clear water per minute.


Water is free of contaminants, greatly improving community health and hygiene.

*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2018. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2018; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.
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