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Clean Water

The Source of All Life

It’s hard for us to imagine a world where water isn’t easily accessible. Yet safe drinking water is scarce in many developing countries. Compounding this is the problem of sanitation. Human waste contaminates water supplies. The result is an endless cycle of ailments and diseases. Because of these hardships, lives are wasted. Time is lost collecting water. Educational opportunities are lost to illness. Economic development is lost while people struggle to survive. And ultimately, lives are lost from disease. The true potential of God’s children should never be wasted like this — because there are solutions!


  • 14 New wells

    were drilled and Installed

  • 7,950 Family members

    receiving clean water

  • 56,367 Adults

    were enrolled in water, sanitation and hygiene training

At Cross International, we work with partners all across the Caribbean, in Latin America and Africa to address the water crisis. Your support can help us provide wells and water systems to impoverished communities. You can also help us fund critically needed latrines, hand-washing facilities and community training in sanitation and hygiene.

With your help, we can provide clean water and sanitation to every community we work in, including the most vulnerable populations. This work is more important now than ever, since clean water is essential for handwashing and disinfection to prevent the spread of diseases like COVID-19.

Highlighted Water Project

Water Is Life

Kachere Development Program - Zambia

In eastern Zambia, thousands of women and children travel great distances to collect their water
from dirty riverbeds or unprotected hand-dug pits shared by cattle, dogs and wild animals. “Water Is Life” is a three-year collaboration between Cross International and our local Zambian partner, the Kachere Development Program (KDP) to help provide clean water and effective sanitation. In FY2020, Cross funded the construction of 14 hand-pump operated wells. In addition to the wells, KDP trained village Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) committees that not only kept the wells operational but were responsible for the community employing effective sanitation and hygiene practices — something that has been especially crucial in the age of COVID.

Mother collecting water with her baby


  • Wells

    14 clean-water wells were funded within the fiscal year. On average, each hand-pump operated well provides clean water for approximately 600 beneficiaries

  • Family members

    7,950 family members received clean water

  • WASH Training

    280 adults were enrolled in water, sanitation and hygiene training

  • Funding

    $156,645 in funds were allocated to this project in 2020

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