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There is nothing that brings dignity to an impoverished family more effectively than a sturdy new house. A home is a foundation for the future and a source of hope. And the need for shelter is pervasive, especially in developing countries. Housing conditions among those who live in poverty are so pitiful that families typically reside in shacks built from scavenged materials — rusty tin sheets, scraps of lumber and discarded plastic tarps. Such structures really don’t shelter the occupants from the elements at all. When it rains, the floors become mud pits and walls can become hosts to disease-ridden insects and vermin.


  • 15 Houses


  • 40 Children

    Benefitted from housing programs

  • 35 Adults

    Benefitted from housing programs

But there is hope and a cause for rejoicing! That hope is realized when Christian brothers and sisters step up and respond to this need. It takes only a few thousand dollars for Cross International to sponsor the building of a simple, sturdy home for a family in need, dramatically improving their standard of living. In many cases, the recipients provide unskilled labor, creating a true sense of ownership in the new homes. The houses our ministry partners build are a permanent testimony to God’s provision and the Christ-like compassion of generous supporters like you.

Highlighted Project

Aldea Llano Verde & Rio Hondo Housing

Hope of Life - Guatemala

In Guatemala, families struggling to meet their most basic needs find it difficult to obtain suitable housing. In 2020, Cross International worked with Hope of Life to build houses for 12 families living in the communities of Aldea Llano Verde and Rio Hondo. The typical Hope of Life home offers a low-cost solution to vulnerable families who are desperate for safe, sturdy homes they can truly call their own. Each house includes a solid foundation with two rooms, a covered front porch, a waterproof roof, cement-block walls, a lockable door and windows. Homes also include eco-stoves, toilets and washbasins.

Through these crucial programs, those who are less fortunate experience Christ’s love, where they are welcomed, not as the struggling poor, but as sons and daughters of God.

Mother and daughter in front of their home


  • Houses

    12 houses were constructed with Cross International funds

  • Communities

    The homes were spread out among two communities – Aldea Llano Verde and Rio Hondo

  • Safe Homes

    65 villagers (36 children and 29 adults) now have a safe place to live

  • Funding

    $31,680 in funds were allocated to this project in 2020.

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