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Economic Empowerment

From Poverty to Prosperity

Out of the 150 million people who live in extreme poverty, most are small subsistence farmers or home-based business vendors, whose livelihoods are vulnerable to economic uncertainties, weather, socio-political upheavals or natural disasters. Millions of poor entrepreneurs in developing countries also face socio-political uncertainties that can upend their lives and destroy their villages.


  • 1,700 Adults

    benefited from income generating activity and training

  • 8,390 Children

    benefited from income generating activity and training

At Cross International, we work with ministry partners across the Caribbean, in Latin America and Africa to try and help these people — to raise their standard of living while also increasing their sense of dignity and self-respect. Many are single mothers who have struggled to be both the primary caretaker and the breadwinner for their children, and their eyes light up as they tell you how they are putting food on the table while also affording medicine, clothing and school fees.

When you give a farmer in Latin America seeds to plant and animals to raise or give a widow in Africa a microloan for a home-based business, you are also giving these people the capital they need to reach their potential. With your support, we can help hundreds thousands of hardworking men and women overcome their difficult circumstances and take charge of their future now and for many years to come.

Highlighted Project

Plan 7

Amigos for Christ - Nicaragua

Cross International has partnered successfully with Amigos for Christ since 2007, and one of the reasons the ministry is so successful with their projects is because it doesn’t just drill a well or build a school and walk away. When it invests in a community, it invests seven full years in their development — an initiative they call Plan 7. Overall, the plan facilitates leadership, water and sanitation, health, education, income generation and spiritual development. A staff of 21 regional coordinators (who Amigos call “promotors”) visit, identify, interact and follow up with all activities. Each step of the way, they bring social and spiritual encouragement that bring about lasting transformation. Without the promoters, Amigos for Christ wouldn’t have the trust of the communities. In 2020, Cross International supported the entire community development program initiative, empowering economic development.

Mother and daughter at their store


  • Microloans

    150 new microloans were financed during the fiscal year

  • Recipients

    6,423 new recipients participated

  • WASH Training

    5,440 adults and 3,348 children participated in water, sanitation and hygiene training

  • Funding

    $37,114 in funds were allocated to this project in 2020

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