Disaster Relief Impact

We Responded to Emergencies with God's Love

When an earthquake, flood or other natural disaster strikes, we extend God’s love by supporting the relief and recovery efforts of our partners on the ground. Gifts given to our “Greatest Need” fund are particularly important to this strategy because they provide us with the flexibility to direct aid toward unexpected emergencies. With that flexibility, we can immediately ship urgently needed food, water and medicine to disaster survivors. Of course, a swift response from faithful donors to our emergency appeals is also critical. That gives us the extra boost we need to counter wide-scale suffering and effectively equip our ministry partners.

In 2018 We Shipped Over $12.3 in Supplies

In 2018, Cross International delivered aid to hurricane, volcano, drought and famine victims. We were able to ship food, medicines and recovery supplies valuing over $12.3 million to bring relief in crisis. We also funded three grants-in-aid projects in two countries. Cross International was able to act as the hands and feet of Christ to suffering families in the Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Lesotho, Nigeria, Malawi, Zambia and Tortola, and even support hurricane victims here in the United States.

Although we become involved in the early response phase of disasters, the focus of Cross International’s disaster response strategy remains long-term recovery. After other relief agencies have moved on to the next popular cause, we commit to standing by local ministry partners to rebuild homes for displaced families, repair damages to critical facilities and restore the livelihoods of working men and women who have lost everything.

*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2018. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2018; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.
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