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Emergency Relief

Response and Recovery

When hurricanes, floods, accidents, pandemics or other catastrophic emergencies occur, we are called to address the urgent needs of those who are most vulnerable. By supporting this emergency relief fund, you can help empower Cross International to mobilize its network of partners on the ground — providing for both immediate needs and long-term recovery efforts.


  • 12,039 People

    receiving COVID support

  • 133 People

    receiving crisis care support

These recovery efforts are most often dominated by seasonal weather events. But the recent COVID-19 pandemic changed all that. COVID literally uprooted the lives of everyone on the planet, and the scope of the catastrophe has been especially impactful to marginalized families who live in developing countries. In many cases, the mandated shutdowns deprived the breadwinners in these families of the ability to work, which created unprecedented hunger crises. Compounding the problem was the closing of schools, depriving vulnerable schoolchildren of the one meal a day they relied upon for survival.

Highlighted Project

COVID-19 Relief

Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FEH) - Haiti

Alice Exantus is a mother of eight and grandmother of five. Three of her grandchildren attend the New Academy of Excellence, operated by the Foundation for the Children of Haiti (FEH). When COVID hit, businesses shut down, which deprived Alice and her extended family with the ability to work and provide for the family. Alice tried to grow food on a small plot of land, but the crops she planted all dried up due to drought.

Thankfully, FEH reached out to Alice’s family, providing much-needed relief. She received a food kit of dry rations such as pasta, rice, beans, corn meal, salt, tomato paste and cooking oil. FEH also provided a hygiene kit consisting of soap, bleach, face masks and handwashing pails for the family to use. With a grateful heart, Alice offered prayers of thanks for all those who contributed to her blessing.

Person with covid supplies


  • Children

    1,000 children received COVID-19 sanitary supplies

  • Adults

    2,000 adults received COVID-19 sanitary supplies

  • Staff

    2 staff members received partial salary support

  • Funding

    $22,582 in funds were allocated to this project in FY2020. Work was completed in FY2021

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