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We Educated the Poor and Empowered Them

For Windinson, life began as it does for so many vulnerable children born to parents facing their own struggle for survival: a street gang became his substitute family. But then God led him to Cross International partner Colegio Nuevo Mundo en Las Manos de Dios (New World College in the Hands of God), a Christian school in Ecuador that serves and supports young children through free education.

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Within the walls of Colegio Nuevo Mundo, he found stability to grow roots and blossom. Transformed by God’s love, Windinson is a strong role model among his peers and encourages other kids to enter school and experience the hope he’s found.

Jesus uses the power of education to transform lives from the inside out.

We believe children shouldn’t just survive, they should thrive. But if a child is sick, hungry, or worried about where to sleep, true learning in a classroom is not likely to happen. That’s why our educational initiatives are multi-faceted, seeking to provide not only a place to learn, but also a stable food supply, a community shelter for emergencies, and a space to find good counsel and learn about the gospel.

Giving children and adults the ability to read and engage with the world around them through education provides them the intellectual tools to address their current challenges, find opportunities of their own, and build hopeful futures and communities.

Education gives children and families tools for life

Knowledge is power, and education has the power to impact families for generations. Educated parents have a better opportunity to support their children. Those children are more likely to attend school, find jobs, and eventually lead their own stable families and build strong communities.

By giving children like Windinson a strong education, you give them opportunities for employment, financially stable families, and strong communities when they grow up. Your partnership in our Thriving Kids ministry makes that possible.

Strong education today positively
impacts communities tomorrow.​

Strong education today positively impacts communities tomorrow.

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2018 Education Facts


Cross International funded a new schoolhouse, complete with 9 classrooms, a cafeteria, kitchen, administrative offices and storage space.

Staff & Students

396 students and 12 staff members are benefiting from the new building.


Along with the new schoolhouse, Cross International funded a freestanding restroom and washbasin.

The Gospel

Each day, children learn the truth of the Bible and Jesus’ love for them!

*The number of projects includes activities funded in fiscal year 2019. The detailed outputs are activities completed during fiscal year 2019; uncompleted activities were carried over into the next fiscal year.

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The power of education transforms lives.

But if a child is sick, hungry, or worried about where to sleep, they can’t learn.

Children shouldn’t just survive, they should thrive.

Join our Thriving Kids educational initiatives and help fill the minds, hearts, and bellies of children around the world.

Strong education builds strong communities.