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Open Doors to Opportunity

A quality education is often the best path out of poverty. Those who are better educated know how to prevent disease and use health services more effectively. Having skills in reading, writing and math also opens doors to better jobs, improving the economic standing of both the individual and the community. An education builds self-confidence as well. Those who attend classes have their untapped skills and abilities revealed, allowing them to fully utilize their potential.


  • 653 Children

    received affordable Christian education

  • 336 Teachers

    and school staff were supported by our programs

Unfortunately, education remains out of reach for many of the impoverished children that Cross International serves. The cost of school fees, textbooks and uniforms is simply too high. Forced to choose between buying food or sending their kids to class, parents are compelled to focus on basic survival. Caught in this impossible circumstance, their children never learn to read or write, and the cycle of poverty continues.

With your help, Cross International and our ministry partners can open that door of opportunity —providing a free quality education, nutritious meals and the Word of God.

Highlighted Project

Divine Shelter Schools


In 1971, Jean Edmond, a Baptist pastor in the Sarthe neighborhood of Port-au-Prince, was inspired by God to establish a Christian school with the gospel at the forefront. It had humble beginnings — just 17 children on the front porch of a neighbor’s house. But this humble vision has developed into what is now the Divine Shelter School network — 13 schools that provide quality education to some of the most disadvantaged children in Haiti.

Today, thousands of poor Haitian children — who would otherwise never have been able to receive an education — are given the opportunity to go to school. Each campus is tied to a church and incorporates a Christian world view. In addition, each student is taught the national Haitian curriculum. So, when a child graduates from DSS, he or she is well-equipped to enter high school and is well-grounded in the Christian faith. DSS schools request an annual tuition. While most students are only able to pay a portion if at all, those who cannot pay tuition remain enrolled through the support of Cross International.

Haitian children in school looking at the camera


  • Students

    4,069 children attended school at all the DSS campuses

  • Teachers & Staff

    199 adult staff members received salaries and benefited from meals provided

  • Funding

    $606,837 in funds were allocated to this project in FY2020

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