Our Purpose

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Cross International reaches those in deepest need around the world, helping them thrive. Through longstanding partnerships with local Christian ministries working in their own communities, we empower generous believers who give financial and prayer support to strategically advance the gospel and bring transformative change.

See how our passion for serving others in Christ’s name motivates our mission and everything we do.

Why We're Different

Our gospel motivation compels us to act with urgency and joy to answer Christ’s call to serve.

Our intentional partnerships seek to promote the long-term leadership development, financial wellbeing and sustained growth of our local ministry partners.

Our strategic focus addresses areas of deepest need, resulting in children who thrive from strong families, flourishing communities and an active faith life.

Our accountable approach drives our stewardship decisions and transparent reporting of measurable impact.

Our Mission

We empower the Body of Christ to transform the poor and their communities, physically and spiritually for the glory of Jesus Christ.

Our Vision

Christians united in overcoming physical and spiritual poverty.

Our Principles

FAITH | Trusting and following the Lord Jesus Christ

JOYFUL SERVICE | Helping others, with gratitude and a thankful heart

MUTUAL RESPECT | Seek the higher good for all people

PARTNERSHIP | Working together we are more effective in service

EMPOWERMENT | Creating opportunity for those we serve to reach their God given potential

LEADERSHIP | Stewarding relationships for positive, effective outcomes

INTEGRITY | Relationships are centered on honor, stewardship, and truth

Helping Kids Thrive

Our Thriving Kids Initiative meets children’s immediate needs and helps them find hope for a better future.

Our Team

Our international team is dedicated to our mission, vision and principles.

Financial Accountability

We believe in financial accountability, transparency, and measurable impact.


Empower the poor as they transform their lives and their communities.

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