Adult hand holding tiny baby's hand

A Baby Nursed Back to Health in Guatemala

A Malnourished Infant from a Poor Guatemalan Family

malnourished baby rescued from small village
Baby Vilma Before

Little Vilma weighed just 4 pounds. At 22 days old, she was already dangerously underweight. Baby Vilma was suffering from severe malnourishment in Guatemala. Her family is from the small village of El Barrial where they live in a dilapidated adobe hut with a tin roof and a dirt floor. 

Her family is from the small village of El Barrial where they live in a dilapidated adobe hut with a tin roof and a dirt floor. They have no electricity and no running water. In fact, the only water source the family has is a small stream a 40-minute walk from their home.

Nutrition Help in Guatemala

Cross International friends sent a nutritional rescue team from Hope for Life, a Cross International partner in Guatemala, to help baby Vilma. When the team arrived, they realized just how fragile she was. 

They took Vilma back to the Nutrition Recovery Center where the little girl responded beautifully to the child nutrition plan they put in place. Vilma began to overcome malnutrition and hunger in Guatemala. In less than two months baby Vilma had gained enough weight to return home to her family.

Baby Vilma recovered
Baby Vilma after

Nutrition Education for Mom

Wilma’s mother received help too. Thanks to Cross International and Hope for Life, she received education on how to fight malnutrition so that she can make sure that Vilma will continue to grow healthy and strong. She will also be taking Vilma to all of her follow-up appointments so that Hope for Life can continue to monitor Vilma’s health. Cross International supporters also gave Vilma’s mom nutrients and formulas that will help her continue to feed Vilma all that she needs.

Vilma’s parents see the care they received from Cross International and Hope for Life as their own little miracle. They are so thankful to God and to Cross International supporters like YOU for helping to heal their daughter.


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