A biblical example of compassionate action

The word “uncertainty” gets plenty of use during times of crisis. Each day unfolds with new and unexpected developments, and the future is unclear. For many of us, the coronavirus pandemic is the first time we’ve felt uncertainty of this magnitude. For those we serve in the developing world, uncertainty is a constant companion.

Thankfully, there is a source of peace and guidance that can alleviate our fears of uncertainty: God’s love and God’s Word. These we know are certain. The stories of godly men and women in the Bible can show us how to handle uncertainty and find our way through trying times. The story of Nehemiah is a wonderful example. 

Nehemiah was living in the royal court, serving as cupbearer to the king of Persia, when word reached him about the crisis in the city of Jerusalem, far away. Jerusalem’s walls had been ruined by conflict, and the people were vulnerable and afraid, living with no protection from thieves or hostile forces. Nehemiah was moved with compassion and took action, using his position of favor with the king to gather resources and lead an expedition to Jerusalem in order to rebuild the walls and gates. Families of the city joined with him, each working on a section of the wall, even in the face of uncertainty and danger from those who opposed them. It’s an amazing story with many helpful parallels for us today. 

Compassion, Even During Uncertainty
The families of Jerusalem were facing uncertainty and danger. But rather than thinking only of themselves, they also worked sacrificially for the good of others. This is truly inspiring! There is wisdom in thoughtfully protecting our own families and taking care of our needs, but it truly shows a divine grace when we can be attentive to our needs, and still be moved to take action on behalf of others. It is good for us to remember to do as they did: come together, care for each other, and work side-by-side to build something wonderful.

Compassionate Action, Even Across Distance
Nehemiah is an amazing example of compassionate action. He was far removed from the crisis in Jerusalem, living in relative safety and plenty, but the story of their needs moved him to act. Like him, we are separated by distance and experience from those living in poverty around the world. When we hear about the danger, vulnerability, and uncertainty faced by children and families in deep need, we also have the opportunity to use the resources we have been given to take action and provide help.

Building a Bright Tomorrow, Together
Nehemiah was a man of long-term vision. He didn’t just provide protection for the people through a temporary military guard. He came alongside the people of Jerusalem, helping them rebuild their city and ensure a brighter future for generations to come. We share this philosophy, seeking to not only meet the needs of the developing world as they have been affected by COVID-19, but to partner with them in rebuilding a strong future with sustained hope and opportunity.

Cross International is honored to be your partner in reaching out to those in deepest need around the world. Now, as always, we want to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you during these uncertain times, to take compassionate action. Those we serve are facing the uncertainty of COVID-19 in addition to the daily challenges they face: hunger and lack of clean water and secure homes. But they can experience the certainty of God’s eternal love. Will you join with us to take compassionate action for these children and families in need? We invite you to give today and help them build a brighter future!


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