School feeding in Malawi

A Chance to Go to School in Africa

Education Problems in Africa

At 12 years old, Ayana dreamed of completing her education in Malawi, Africa. Sadly, when her parents divorced, Ayana’s mother was no longer able to pay her school fees. The family was struggling so badly that they would go from relative to relative in search of food and shelter. The inability to pay school fees is one of the most common education problems in Africa. This financial barrier often prevents children from impoverished families like Ayana’s from receiving a quality education. This cycle can keep families in poverty for generations.

Helping Children Go to School in Africa

Kids with school support program leader
Kids with school support program leader

Through the generous support of friends like you, Cross International is partnering with organizations in Africa that are reaching out to poor families like Ayana’s. In Malawi, that partner is the Ambuya Development Center (ADC). Ayana’s mother reached out and, thanks to supporters like you, Ayana was able to enroll in ADC’s program. Her dream of continuing her education is now coming true!

Returning to the African Classroom

With support for her school fees, Ayana is now able to stay in school. Not only that, she gets to enjoy a hot lunch every day! She enjoys the ADC program, playing with the other children, and making friends. She’s also learning all about the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Now that her dream of an education in Africa is coming true, Ayana now has a new dream—to become a doctor so that she can help the sick.

Thank you for blessing children like Ayana with the quality education that can help lift them, and their families, out of poverty. Your support of Cross International has made it possible for Ayana to pursue her dreams. Thank you for giving her hope!

Ayana and other Malawian children in the support center
Ayana and other Malawian children receiving lunch at the support center

If you want to help more vulnerable children like Ayana stay in school and open the door to escape poverty, please visit our Thriving Kids page and support this cause.


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