Children receiving lunch at the DSS summer feeding program

A Summer Without Hunger

School Feeding Program Makes Sure Hungry Kids Get the Food They Need

Summer can be an extremely difficult time for children in the developing world. During the school year, many boys and girls depend on daily school lunches to meet their nutritional needs. For some, school lunches are the only food they can rely on. Then when summer “vacation” comes the meals suddenly stop. Without consistent meals, these children can begin slipping into malnutrition. In the more extreme cases, malnutrition can lead to stunted growth, and even impaired cognitive development, which may impact the child for the rest of their life.

Haitian girl looking at the camera while eating her lunch
Haitian girl looking at the camera while eating her lunch

For hardworking parents who, try as they might, simply lack the resources they need to ensure that their kids get enough food, the summer months can be heartbreaking. In Haiti, the poorest country in the western hemisphere, lack of nutrition during summer remains a major problem. That’s why Cross International has partnered with Divine Shelter Schools (DSS) to implement a summer feeding program for at-risk children in Haiti.

Food being served for over 200 Haitian children
Food being served at one of the DSS locations

Serving well over 200 children in multiple locations, the Cross International and DSS summer feeding program includes a morning devotion, Bible lesson, art class, math and grammar tutoring, sports, hygiene education and, of course, nutritious meals! To ensure that each child is getting the food they need, the DSS staff also make sure to track the weight of each child throughout the summer.

It’s only because of the generous support of kind Cross International partners like you that these precious girls and boys are enjoying daily, healthy meals this summer. Thank you for showing them God’s love through their fully bellies!

Children receiving lunch at the DSS summer feeding program
Children receiving lunch at the DSS summer feeding program

Meet the DSS Summer Feeding Program Students


Claudine is a rising 4th grader attending the summer feeding program at the Divine Shelter School of Bellanger. Claudine’s father works in a factory that produces ice and her mother sells cookies to help provide for Claudine and her three siblings. Claudine is thankful for the food and fun she enjoys at DSS.

Claudine smiling at the camera
Claudine smiling at the camera
A child smiles, part of Thriving Kids in Haiti
Jessica, happy to be part of the feeding program


Sadly, Jessica’s parents are separated so she and her three siblings live with their father in a rented hut. Jessica will be in 4th grade when school begins again at DSS Bellanger. The daily meals Jessica receives at the summer feeding program are helping her grow healthy and strong!


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