Family standing in front of the home built as part of the housing program in Malawi

Building Hope in Malawi

The recent years have been tough for Malawi. Already struggling to recover from the economic impact of COVID-19, Cyclone Ana struck in January 2021.  Then subsequent tropical storms displaced more than 190,000 citizens. Before the storms, many of these poor Malawians were already living in inadequate shelters. Their makeshift abodes – homes made from mud bricks, straw, tarps or tin scraps – were in danger of collapsing anytime it would storm. Many have been rebuilt. But until these families are able to upgrade their situation – and live in sturdy, storm-resistant shelters – they will be destined to lose their homes all over again when the next severe storm strikes.

Woman standing in front of her house made out of mud bricks, devastated by Cyclone Ana
Virginia Goodson of Thanganyika Village lost most of her home to Cyclone Ana. She puts up sheets of tarp to cover up the sections of her house that were washed away. But what Virginia really needs is a sturdy, storm-resistant home built of cement blocks with a metal roof and door that locks!


Last year, Cross International worked with a local partner in Malawi, Ambuya Development Center, building homes for three displaced families in the remote villages of Thanganyika, Samama, and Ngundo — all located about an hour’s drive west of Blantyre. This project impacted three adults and 10 children, giving them a safe place to live and thrive. Over the next year, Cross and Ambuya will build four additional homes, impacting four adults and 16 children.

These families are led by widows or single women, and a sturdy, dignified home will immediately improve their families’ well-being and quality of life.

Team working on the construction of a home in a village in Malawi
Family homes are built with cement blocks similar to the ones shown in this photo. Each block is fabricated on-site and dried in the hot Malawian sun. Unlike traditional mud bricks, these sturdy blocks will withstand cyclones, floods, and other weather events that plague these hard-working families.

Each cement-block house includes a metal roof, a sturdy, lockable door, two bedrooms, a living space, an elevated concrete foundation, and runoff for rainwater. The project covers materials, a contractor, and quality assurance checks.

Father and son participating in the construction of their house
Roderick Macheso and his son are shown here participating in the building of their new home alongside a construction crew. This hands-on experience gives participating families a sense of dignity.


Nelson Kansemo standing in front of their old home with his mother and sisters

Recent severe weather events have made farming nearly impossible for 17-year-old Nelson Kansemo and his mother, who live in Ngundo Village. Since his father passed away, farming has been the only source of income and food for this family of six, who live in a cramped mudbrick hut with a straw roof and plastic tarp stretched across the front of the dwelling.

A stable home would ease the family’s burden, protect them from wind and rain, and allow Nelson to achieve his dream of finishing school.

You can join us in bringing hope and safe shelter to more families.


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You can provide the life-changing gift of a safe, storm-resistant new home with Cross partners Ambuya Development Center in Malawi and Hope of Life in Guatemala. A new home will ease the family’s burdens, protect them from the wind and rain, and help them achieve their dreams.

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The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that 811 million in the world suffer from under-nourishment. By providing the gift of food, you will save the lives of thousands of hungry children and their families in developing countries like Haiti, Malawi, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

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