Hope in Haiti: God’s love for orphans writes new stories of redemption

Ana is a joy-filled, playful, healthy three-year-old with soft, round cheeks and giant, irresistible brown eyes.  She is living, laughing proof of the grace of God. 

Ana’s little life didn’t start easily. She was born prematurely, and shortly after, abandoned outside the Canaan Orphanage malnutrition clinic, one of our ministry partners in Haiti. Ana was suffering from severe hunger, her mother was gone, and no family members came forward to claim her. 

But God loves orphans and wants to redeem their stories, replacing pain with hope.
Children with no family are under the special care and protection of God. From the day she was found, Ana was no longer alone. She was brought into the Cross International family at Canaan Orphanage, where she receives the integrated care and love she needs to grow in mind, body, and spirit. 

As Christians, we are called to love one another. Caring for orphans is one of the clearest expressions of the heart of God. It’s also one of the most tangible displays of the Gospel we’ll ever see. It is our privilege, as God’s people, to be part of the redemption story for children in need. 

Cross International answers God’s call by partnering with local organizations around the globe to give children a transformed life, inside and out. Together with partners like Canaan Orphanage, we equip vulnerable children with the food, education, healthcare, and spiritual guidance they need to become healthy, self-sufficient, and Christ-centered adults who will one day make a meaningful difference in their communities. 

“For in You the fatherless find compassion.” Hosea 14:3 (NIV)
There are thousands of children like Ana who long to be loved by the family of Christ. The needs are great, but God’s love is greater. He alone can transform a hungry, neglected baby into a smiling, active, and healthy toddler. 

With your generosity, Cross International can help write a new story of hope for children throughout the world. Your donation to our Thriving Kids initiative gives abandoned and vulnerable children an opportunity to experience Jesus as He mends their hearts, restores their hope, and gives them a reason to smile. We pray you’ll join our ministry in loving children who are so dear to our Heavenly Father’s heart.


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