Mailyn Najera and her family in front of their new home

A New Home for an Impoverished Family in Guatemala

An Unsafe Living Situation

Mailyn was in need of a new home in Guatemala. She lived in a small adobe house with cardboard lining the interior walls and concrete floors. The house was hot in the summer and cold in the winter. When it rained, the roof leaked. The dilapidated structure could not provide the shelter and safety that Mailyn and her four children needed. Knowing that her home was in poor condition and that she was in desperate need of safe housing for her children, Mailyn prayed that someone would be able to provide them with a new, safe home.

Mailyn's home - Before
Mailyn's home - Before

The Gift of a Humanitarian Housing Project

After praying for a new home, Mailyn heard about Cross International’s partner in Guatemala, Hope of Life, and their ongoing humanitarian housing project. Mailyn reached out to Hope of Life to see if she might qualify for a new home in Guatemala. Hope of Life took a look at Mailyn’s situation and saw that her family’s need for safe housing was clear. Thanks to the faithful and compassionate support of Cross International partners like you, Mailyn’s prayers for safe housing were coming true!

A New Home in Guatemala

Mailyn and her family have now moved into their new, safe home. The home features a new latrine and an eco-stove that makes it safe to cook food indoors. The family is so thankful for their new home in Guatemala. They now no longer have to worry about intruders or bad weather and all the benefits of safe housing are theirs. Now, Mailyn and her children have shelter.

Mailyn Najera and her family in front of their new home

It’s only because of Cross International friends like you that humanitarian housing projects like Mailyn’s are made possible. Thank you for your kindness that is shining God’s love to so many in Guatemala and around the world!


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