COVID-19’s impact on our ministry partners and how you can help

Usually, we bring you statistics about how your giving has made an impact across our ministry partnerships. Today, our stats tell the story of how urgently your giving is needed by spotlighting a few partners. Amidst a global pandemic, COVID-19, ministries typically open to the community are closing their doors to service in order to help stop the spread of the virus. Organizations are forced to lay off workers to preserve funds, and food, medical supplies, and resources are running low. Now more than ever, our partners need your generosity and your prayers. 


200 elderly, 100’s of children
450 workers were laid off at Hope of Life in Guatemala. 250 staff members continue to care for more than 200 elderly and many children: in the orphanage, more than 100 children with special needs, and a hospital full of malnourished individuals. They estimate their food supply, which normally feeds over 4,000 people annually, will last four weeks, and medicine will last for only 10 days. 

278 children
Almost 100 children live in a family-style orphanage at Casa Bernabé in Guatemala, and 197 children from the community attend school here. The gates are closed to ALL non-residents, including cleaning and kitchen staff, teachers, and administrators. They face shortages of meat, cleaning supplies, and medicines. Items that can be found are often double or triple the normal price. Casa Bernabé receives no public funding and funding has sharply decreased since the pandemic.


160 children + family members
Arms of Love in Nicaragua serves over 160 vulnerable children and their large families. They have purchased additional food to feed their children for three weeks, and stores are selling out of food and medical stock quickly. 


900+ young girls
More than 900 girls participate in the Project Princess Initiative program in Kampala, Uganda. Many are orphaned and live with elderly grandparents, who are highly vulnerable to the virus.  This forces families to move, causing disruption, distraction, and most impactfully–school dropout. Family incomes are suffering as the economy shrinks and work stops as a result of lockdown. 


2,400 villagers
At Kachere Development Programme (KDP) in Eastern Zambia, there is an urgent need for more clean water systems to support 2,400 villagers. Local Chiefs continue to ask for immediate assistance for clean water and WASH (Water Access, Sanitation, and Hygiene) training to help stop the spread of the virus. 


4,000 students
Divine Shelter Schools (DSS) is a network of 16 school locations that serve over 4,000 students in vulnerable communities in Haiti. Schools have been closed now for two weeks, and leadership is drafting a plan to create a life-sustaining feeding program for five schools that serve the poorest and most rural communities in the school network.

We are seeing a pattern with the partners we serve across the world: supplies are running thin, staff numbers are low, and your support is needed now more than ever. Cross International and our local partners are working together to identify needs, create plans to meet those needs, and adjust as the crisis unfolds. Our plans not only support immediate needs but integrate into the longer-term recovery and stability. As we remain focused on God’s sovereignty, we invite you to support this crucial and urgent work by giving today!


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