Natalia with her mother Tatiana and her son Constantin at the shelter in Moldove.

War in Ukraine: Natalia’s Story

A Young Wife and Mother Becomes a War Refugee

Like so many other Ukrainians, 34-year-old Natalia has been through a lot since the Russian invasion of her country in late February. “We were asleep when we received a call at 5am from friends telling us that the Russian army is invading,” she remembers. “For six days we followed the same route over and over. When we heard the air raid sirens outside, we went to the basement of our apartment building.”

When the bombs started hitting closer to home, Natalia knew it was time to take her 9-year-old son, Constantin, and go. “When the Russian army bombed the military base nearby, we decided to leave Ukraine,” she said.

So Natalia and Constantin, along with Natalia’s mother, Tatiana, set out to find safety, leaving their home and everything behind, including Natalia’s husband. “We traveled with two friends of mine and their children,” Natalia related. “Our husbands stayed behind to defend the country. It was very difficult to say goodbye.”

When the family arrived in neighboring Moldova, they received a warm welcome and essential help, thanks to support from Cross International’s local partner. Natalia has no idea if or when she’ll be able to return home, or when she’ll see her husband again. But in the meantime, she’s found comfort while living as a war refugee. “We had thought and hoped to be home after a week, but it looks like it will take much longer,” Natalia said. “The future is very uncertain, but we are grateful for the way we have been taken care of.”

Thank you for helping care for Ukrainian refugees like Natalia and her family. Please continue to pray for peace and to send help any way you can.


Ukrainian mother and child fleeing Ukraine

Humanitarian Crisis in Ukraine

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