Ambuya Development Center in Malawi - School kids gathered outside

The power of education transforms lives

A 2018 study from the UNESCO UIS reported that about 263 million children worldwide (or one in every five) are not in school. The UIS figures confirm that across sub-Saharan Africa one in every three children are out of school – with girls more likely to be excluded than boys. For every 100 boys of primary school age out of school, there are 123 girls denied the right to education.

Together with our ministry partners, our school programs seek not only to provide a place to learn, but to serve as a pillar in a community that offers a stable food supply, a community shelter for emergencies, and a space to find good counsel, learn about the gospel, and find hope. Our philosophy is that an integrated Christian education is more than teaching children about Jesus and His ministry, it is laying the groundwork for a commitment to lifelong learning and service.

Our Thriving Kids educational initiatives help fill the minds, hearts, and bellies of children around the world.

Our education programs include:

  • Primary school/elementary school services
    School operations are funded so children can attend for free or nearly for free. Most of these programs include a nutritional program or food assistance.
  • Educational infrastructure support
    Beyond just funding tuition, Cross supports educational programs in other ways – helping with stocking libraries, new technology in classrooms, repair and construction of school buildings, and paying staff salaries.
  • Supporting higher learning
    Cross increasingly shifts our focus to include how students are best served after completing primary education, like technical/vocational training.
  • Providing for unique educational needs
    To support the full spectrum of educational needs to those facing the challenges of systemic poverty, we support unconventional and unique situations. Some of these have included a night school program for teens who must work during the day, providing support for children with disabilities, support for court-appointed orphans, and adult literacy programs.

With support from our generous donors, Cross International provided grants to 11 programs, supported 83 schools, and provided education to 7,222 students in 2019. We employed 249 teachers and 147 staff members, purchased 1 support vehicle and built 1 school.

Right now, COVID-19 threatens the stability that children find by impacting access to school and in turn, availability of food and hygiene education. In response to COVID-19 in Haiti, we have distributed 54,000 fortified rice meals to 500 children and their households at local school partners. We remain hopeful as we continue to provide emergency hygiene training, food, and technology to communities we serve.

We pray you’ll join us in this mission.

Education helps children rise up from pain into purpose.


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